Innovative Coupon Exchange platform to eliminate counterfeit and reduce paper coupon handling overhead

We partner with major US Manufacturers and Retailers to eliminate paper coupon fraud

  • Prevent Paper Coupon Counterfeit

  • Recognize and Prevent Coupon Fraud Patterns

  • Reduce Paper Coupon Handling Overhead

  • Integration with POS

  • Zero-delay Offline Coupon Validation

  • Online Coupon Validation

  • Efficient Positive Offer File (POF)

  • Near-realtime Family Codes updates

  • Multiple Coupon Types: FSI, Catalina (in-store coupons),
    Consumer Relations, Print At Home, etc.

  • Basket (Coupon Condition) Validation

  • Reports

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CuBE is a part of SigmaLedger Inc. anti-counterfeit solution offering


SigmaLedger Inc. – SaaS provider of Blockchain based innovative solutions focusing on Counterfeit Prevention, Supply Chain Transparency and Digital Direct Marketing

SigmaLedger partners with EPAM Systems (NYSE:EPAM) in effort to help client fighting counterfeit and to drive adoption of blockchain for supply chain

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